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What can we do to help your school program be all it can be for your coaches, who spend countless hours teaching, the kids, who are learning the disicpline of this great sport, and the parents who work so hard to make it all happen.

This is the question we asked our selves when we got involved with helping local school archery programs. And after talking to many coaches and parents, it was obvious that there was a real need for an avenue of communication between programs. A way for all of the schools to share ideas, tell their stories, and show off their teams.

Our answer was to create a forum that all can join, a digital meeting hall where you can find answers to problems you encounter, a place that you find others facing the same challenges, and a conversation that will help bring other schools into this great program. We asked the person that we knew had more experience, and more success than anyone else in the program to help us. Jennifer Brown, who has guided the Henderson County Archery Program to the top of the game, while providing a state of the art training facility, to help us.

Jennifer is offering her wealth of knowlege to help you and your program, on the School Archery Forum. 

Check out the Henderson County Training Center Here!
Meet Jennifer Brown, President of Henderson County Archery

Meet Diane Watson, veteran archer and coach

Join the conversation today, whether you are seeking information, or want to help others get on board, at the School Archery Forum.


 Photos from the 2013 Indiana NASP State Tournament!